Hey all, I guess I should put this in the links space (and I will), but I thought it important enough to put in ramblings here. I read the following article about a National Organization for Marriage (NOM)'s Ruth Institute's conference in San Diego and a very brave and restrained young man who went undercover to see what is being said to their faithful.
Here's the link:
The public face of NOM, states that they are not anti-gay, but rather anti-gay marriage. Although, I could possibly deal with the concept on religious terms, the civil aspect of it is where I must disagree. I've mentioned that in a previous post, so no need to get into detail here.
But what was uncovered at this conference is heinous. It makes me realize that NOM is as hateful at the Family Research Council (FRC).

I really really REALLY got my knickers twisted when the author of this great article mentioned that speakers at this NOM-sponsored event were citing "research" that stated that gay parents could be predatory to their children of the same gender. WTF!!  I cannot believe for one iota of a millisecond that there is any substantiated research on this.  NONE, VOID, NIL, ZERO!! 
And if anyone even hints at the thought that I would or could ever be predatory toward my two sons, I may have to learn how to spend a night in jail on charges of assault. 
If that is not hateful, then nothing is.  To extend that concept to the heterosexual marriage, mothers had better lock up their daughters because you never know what their husbands will do to them. 
I try my best to be civil in discourse and respectful of other people's views. However, when they are hateful, slanderous, and solely there to hurt and vilify, I'm done. 
So with that, I give a rare public "FUCK YOU" to NOM. You've shown your colors and they are ugly. I hope that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels you a hate group soon, because your cause is not to "protect" marriage but to hate people solely on the basis of their orientation.

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