Hey all, I guess I should put this in the links space (and I will), but I thought it important enough to put in ramblings here. I read the following article about a National Organization for Marriage (NOM)'s Ruth Institute's conference in San Diego and a very brave and restrained young man who went undercover to see what is being said to their faithful.
Here's the link:

For quite some time, the issue of marriage equality has been a hot button topic for many folks pitting each side against one another. Over the past few weeks though, it seems to be have escalated and seems to be reaching a touchpoint as the Chick-Fil-A controversy ignited a flashpoint where for the first time that I can remember, those who are are the anti-equality side have been given an opportunity to “protect” one of their own... an organization who, through the quotes of one of its officers, Dan Cathy, who stated that his belief in  a “Biblical” definition of family. Interesting to note here, that he did not specifically state what that definition was or specifically gay marriage. Notwithstanding, the reactions from both sides of the issue have grown in fervor because of the statements and the ensuing media coverage.