This was originally posted on Facebook. I think of it as one of my better rants.
As most of you know, I'm usually the happy go-lucky guy. The one that has a smile on my face. I joke that I'm the ultimate optimist because I view the glass as half-empty. Why? Because I know that I can finish it up and order another beer.

But today, I'm pissed off, annoyed, angry, and would love to tell a bunch of people who deserve it to go suck on it!!
Today was the day that broke the camel's back. (The back will mend quickly and I'll be my usual happy self soon, but I need to vent.)

This course of events started on Friday. I was visiting a friend in Philadelphia so that we can go see Scissor Sisters that night. An amazing concert... but I digress.

While touring her office building (it is the tallest building in Philly), I get a call from a consulting company's "Talent Acquisition Manager." They've got an urgent need for a Project Manager for a project which is now being delayed because the Project Manager who was supposed to start on Monday just notified them that she has accepted another position. They're scrambling and I tell them I'll be there on Monday at 1 p.m. to interview with the client.

On Saturday, I get a call from the client manager from the consulting firm. We discuss the situation. He has me and one other person lined up for interviews and that a decision will be made by Monday evening or Tuesday, and the new PM will start on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm ready. I get my suit on (in 90+ degree weather) trek down to the client office and sell myself in the best way I know how. (I never assume that an interview was great as it's not my opinion that really counts. I know I didn't screw it up though.)

I was told by the client manager that the other person will be interviewed a little later and that a decision will be made and we will be informed.

Well here it is, Tuesday evening.. end of business day... and I've heard nothing. NOTHING! Well, what the hell is so damn urgent about this client that you tell me all this shit and then you lie to me, tell me that you will call... and then nothing!

It's a symptom that is infecting this nation between the "have-a-jobs" and the "have-not-a-jobs." Now I recognize that this economy sucks. Recruiters and headhunters get tons of resumes for just a small, small number of openings. And I can accept that when I send an application out via e-mail, I will probably not get a response. I even can understand if we talk on the telephone that if I'm not moving forward in the process, that I may not get notified.

But if you tell me to go to an interview, put on my best face, and think that I'm one of two candidates that would be viable for a job, DAMMIT, let me know the outcome.

I guess I've had it up to here (figure it out how high) with HR personnel, recruiters, and the ilk who treat candidates with such revulsion, disrespect, and disdain. These are the people that I hope if the economy turns around will be spit on by us who remember how we were treated in the "employer's market."

I have some friends who are recruiters who I know would never treat the unemployed people that they submitting for interviews like this. I want them to be so successful as the econonmy gets better. But for the vast majority of HR representatives, they can all go to hell. You do a crappy job and should be out here panicking about how your going to make your next mortgage payment, how you're going to pay your electric bill, and how you're going to get that birthday gift for your child. I could run rings around you with my skill set, and I've never worked a day in HR in my life. I don't think you even know that the "H" in HR stands for HUMAN. You are dealing with human beings, not cattle, not rats, not pigs. We don't ask for much. But an iota of respect when you land us an interview would be not only decent, but smart. Follow up with me, with the hiring manager; see how things went. LEARN, LISTEN, SUPPORT!

In most cases, you get money if I get hired. Instead you ignore, forget, and act in such an unprofessional manner that if I were your manager, I'd fired you. Some of you have the personality of a toad (apologies for offending all toads there), the business savvy of a gnat (gnat apologies abound as well), and the communication skills of alligator (more apologies). You are definitely part of the reason why people don't think that this econony will turn around any time soon. Your lack of communication skills and decency make people pessimistic. Congratulations on your part for continuing to screw this nation over.

With that, I recognize that I will have to continue to bite my tongue, smile my way through stupid questions, and present a professional image. My daily statement of affirmation is that "Each day I am one day closer to my next job."

But maybe that's where you all come in. I want a job, I need a job. If you know of something out there for me, let me know. If you don't know what I do, my resume is online at (Note: link is no longer valid.)

I'm looking mostly in the NYC area, but am willing to weekend commute to anywhere from Boston to DC.

So, my apologies for the rant. I just needed to get it out in some way shape or form. It's better than punching walls.. my health insurance sucks.

Brendan will now return to his happy jovial self. :) 

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